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September 23, 2018

Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary time

September 23, 2018


TODAY’S LITURGY: Twenty Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time



Processional Hymn: CREDO # 449

When Morning Guilds the Skies


Gradual (Psalm 54) The Lord upholds my life


Offertory Hymn: CREDO # 1 (Back Cover)

As I kneel before you


Communion Hymn: CREDO # 713

Soul of my Savior


Recessional Hymn: CREDO # 432 Vs 1 & 3

Holy God we praise Thy Name







Grades 7 & 8 has resumed.

Grade 2, has resumed.

Grades 3 & 4 has resumed.

Grades 5 & 6 have resumed

Tuesday, September 25th, Grade 1, 3:45 to 5:15pm.

The best Catechists are the Children’s first church and that’s YOU...parents, grandparents and family!!! We have never had an unbeliever register for first grade. Why? Because you have done a good job so far. Now we ask you to pray to the Holy Spirit and ask if you are being called to share this wonderful faith with more of Saint Catherine’s Children.

We need Catechists and helpers!

Tuesday 3:45 to 5:15pm 1st grade helper

If you can volunteer for any of the above or need more information please call the Religious Education Office 732-495-7779.


 R. C. I. A.



WHO… Has expressed an interest in becoming Catholic?

Was baptized as a child, but has not celebrated the sacraments of Eucharist and Confirmation?

Would like to know more about the Catholic faith?

We offer an opportunity to come together in a small group to learn more about our faith. Sessions focus on the teachings and experience of Church and prepare individuals to celebrate the Sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation during the Easter season. You are welcome to participate in the process with your questions, your insights and your faith story in a warm accepting setting. For more information contact Jackie Callahan at or call Mrs. McGuire @732-495-7779. We will be beginning our first session on OCTOBER 16th in the school building 6:30pm. God Bless you.



O Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness

Flowers on the Main Altar today are in memory of Michael Galik gift of Family.

Flowers before the Blessed Mother and the Sacred Heart today are in memory of Michael Galik, gift of Family.

The Sanctuary Lamp will burn this week in honor of the marriage of Chelsea Gallo and Christopher Campbell, gift of Grandparents.

Blessed Mother Votive Light will burn this week in honor of John & Valerie Kerencev, gift of Mom.

Sacred Heart Votive Light will burn this week in memory of Anthony “Ricky” Ricardo gift of Maureen Winski.





Baptized in Water and the Spirit

The Parish welcomes:

Sophia Elizabeth Metz-Huscha,

Colin Anthony Aker,

Callie Grace Frye,

Liam River Keene

who were Baptized into the Catholic faith on Sunday, September 16th.




Banns of Christian Matrimony

I Meaghan Richmond & Will Rosa.

If anyone knows of just cause why they. may not be joined in Christian Matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.







Blessing of Pets for St. Francis Day: Sunday Sept 30 1:30 Pm in Parking Lot by thrift Shop







Will Resume on Wednesday Evening October 3; 7:45—8:30 in Church

Father Dan leads this Study in an informal way following the Evening Mass.

This Year we will be studying the ‘Catholic Epistles’

Peter, James, Jude and John







Singing Sacred and

Traditional Russian Music

St. Catherine’s Church 7:00 pm

This Sunday evening Sept. 23


Plan to attend

Refreshments to Follow in the Hall

Did I Mention








50/50 Raffle  

The Knights of Columbus will be selling 50/50 tickets after all Masses the weekend of September 29th and 30th. All proceeds will be going towards sending a military person and their companion, who is suffering the effects of war, whether physically or mentally (PTSD) on a pilgrimage to Lourdes, France. Please help us send someone suffering to experience the Healing Waters of Our Lady of Lourdes. The cost of the ticket is $5.00 and will be drawn on November 10 at St. Joseph Council 3402 hall in Keyport.




Open House dates are Sunday afternoon, October 21st from 1:30 to 4:30pm and Monday evening October 22nd from 4:30 to 7:00pm. Meet the faculty and tour the campus. Contact the admissions page @







T. M. I. Y.   T. M. I. Y.   T. M. I. Y. 

Saturday Mornings from 6:30-8:00am

The T. M. I. Y.  program is an interactive men’s program focused on the development of male leadership in the modern world. It combines the best research from science with the teachings of the Catholic faith and the wisdom of the saints to develop the vision of authentic men capable of transforming themselves, their families and greater society. Come join us on Saturday mornings!

This Fall and Spring sessions will focus on the vision of man fully alive. The program will enable men to experience authentic freedom as sons of God. Through living the three fold mission of abiding presence, joyful service and loving sacrifice, their hearts and homes will experience the joy that God desires. To sustain them on their spiritual journey, the men will be led directly to the three spiritual foods that Christ himself proclaims: The Eucharist, the Word of God, and the Will of God. For more information about the Saturday morning meetings here at St. Catherine Laboure contact Steven Mendez @732-778-2950 or speak to Fr. Dan after Mass. The meeting will take place in the school building. For more information about T. M. I. Y.  go to









BOYS AND GIRLS 3rd through 8th grade





3rd through 8th grade




2018-2019 ST CATHERINE


Sun Sept 23: 3:00—5:00 pm (Here)

For more Info contact Theresa:

Text 732-419-8298





Plan to be there THIS WEEKEND!





Our Food Pantry is in need of the following items: tuna, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, jelly, peanut butter, instant potatoes, rice, canned fruit, brownie mix, pasta sauce, pork and bens, gravy, chicken noodle soup, coffee, tea, sugar, cookies, puddings, crackers, frozen vegetables, chicken, margarine, ravioli, hot dogs, hot dog rolls, breads, frozen juice, napkins. The following items are not able to be purchased with food stamps: tooth brushes, tooth paste, deodorant, soap, hand sanitizer, shampoo, hypoallergenic items, toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, tissues, wipes, cleansers, laundry detergent, band aids, shaving cream. Also, gift cards and coupons are always a help allowing us to restock as needed. As always a special thank you to all of our generous parishioners for all of there donations throughout the year.






Sunday, October 28th Resorts Casino

$25.00 per person w/$20.00 slot cash back.






In your charity please remember to pray for: Captain Edward Grady, Jackie Patterson, Madeline Barisic, Patrick Lipka, Maren Haughian, Tegan Haughian, Nicholas Kinahan, Ruth Alaia, Elizabeth Dean, Jim Donnelly, Kathleen Toomey, Julia Fehlhaber, Rev. Josh Keeran, Susan Rick, Nancy Popailo, Ryan Hansen, Pat Welch, Bill Arangruen, Mike Marciano, Maria Lonseth, Kerri Black, Ellie Julien, Carmela Eaves, Sara Jane Mauer, Thomas D. Murphy, Ana Oliveira, Michael Brothers, Paul Friedman, Deborah Snyder, Theresa Marks, Sheila Buxton, Margaret Cascone, Rachel O’Brien, Taryn Hussey, Maureen Farrell, Rich Callahan, Robert Bonner, and for the faithful departed: George Ricker & Colleen Kane.

God, our loving Father, look with kindness on our brothers and sisters who seek Your care. In Your mercy grant health to the sick; comfort to the sorrowful, peace to the troubled, joy to the weary and eternal rest to those whose work on earth is done, and all for Jesus’ Amen






Prayer for those serving in our military

Please remember to pray for our parishioners and friends serving this nation at home and abroad.

CDR Michael Dwan, U. S. N. ,Major Mark Paige, U. S. M. C. , Patrick Gallagher, S/Sgt. Matthew Santilli, Master S/Sgt Albert DiMaggio, Lieutenant Colonel Bayard Smith, Dallas Jamison & Sgt. Timothy Hayes.


Prayer: O God who art the lover of peace and concord. Grant to these thy servants who serve this nation, grace and strength. Preserve them we pray and shield them from all danger of body and soul; and hasten the day when thy shall return to their homes and loved ones, through Christ our Lord. Amen




O Almighty God, Whose great power and eternal wisdom embraces the universe, Watch over all policemen and law enforcement officers everywhere. Protect them from harm. In the performance of their duty to stop crime, robbery, riots and violence. We pray, help them keep our streets and homes safe, day and night. We commend them to your loving care because their duty is dangerous. Grant them strength and courage in their daily assignments. Dear God, protect these brave men and women. Grant them your almighty protection. Unite them safely with their families after duty has ended. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. St. Michael the Archangel, Patron of police, pray for them.

Remember all these Intentions, as we offer our daily prayers.



Calling all Lego Kids


Monthly meeting in the Parish Hall

First meeting September 7th. For more







“Honor thy father and thy mother, that your days may be long in the land which the Lord your God gives you.” -Deuteronomy 5:16

The Second Table of the Decalogue

The fourth commandment begins the second table of the Decalogue: those laws that govern our relations with other people. This commandment is the only commandment written in the positive terms of duties to be fulfilled. It covers several areas:

i) (directly) Duties to parents and family

ii) (indirectly) Duties to the state and society

iii) (remotely) Duties to anybody in authority

“There is no authority except that which God has established” (Rom. 13:1), therefore we are obliged to honor and respect all those whom God, for our good, has vested with His authority.

The Family-A Trinitarian Work

This commandment is addressed expressly to children, as the child/parent relationship is the most universal, but it concerns relations with extended family members as well. To honor our father and mother means also to render honor, affection and gratitude towards elders and ancestors. Respect for Traditions of the faith falls under the fourth commandment because by honoring Tradition we honor those fathers in the faith who went before us and persevered till the end.

It is the consent of the spouses that brings about a family, which is ordered towards the good of the spouses and the procreation of children. A man and a woman united in marriage, together with their children, constitute a family in its fullness. The family is the most basic cell of social life. It is prior to any recognition by public authority, which has a duty to recognize it. The family is the very image of the Trinity: through the exchange of love between the man and wife, happiness is engendered and new life is brought forth in the form of children, just as the Holy Spirit is the love which proceeds from the communion between the Father and the Son. With the procreation of children, mankind reflects the Father’s creative work (C. C. C.  2205).

The family is the first school where faith, hope, charity, prayer, faith, moral values, self-sacrifice and responsibility are learned. “Family life is an initiation into life in society” (C. C. C. 2207).

Centrality to Society

Because of its importance, the family must be regarded as central to any society and ought to be recognized as such by the civil government. Governments must not only acknowledge the

family, but work actively to strengthen and support them, as the good of the whole society rises or falls with the wellbeing of the family. “Civil authority should consider it a grave duty to acknowledge the true nature of marriage and the family, to protect and foster them, to safeguard public morality, and promote domestic prosperity” (C. C. C.  2211). With regards to the family, the political community has to ensure the following:

--the freedom to establish a family, have children, and raise them according to the family’s moral and religious convictions.

-the protection of the stability of the marriage bond and the institution of marriage.

-the right to private property, free enterprise, to obtain work and shelter and to lawfully emigrate.

-the right to medical care and assistance, in keeping with each country’s institutions.

-the protection of security and health, especially relating to dangers such as drugs, pornography, alcoholism, etc.

-freedom to associate with other families and so to have representation before civil authority.

The fourth commandment causes us to see the unity of the human race.

It illuminates other relationships in society:

In our brothers and sisters we see the children of our parents; in our cousins, the descendants of our ancestors; in our fellow citizens, the children of our country; in the baptized, the children of our mother the Church; in every human person, a son or daughter of the One who wants to be called "our Father." In this way our relationships with our neighbors are recognized as personal in character. The neighbor is not a "unit" in the human collective; he is "someone" who by his known origins deserves particular attention and respect. -C. C. C.  2212

Duties of Children & Parents

The source of all fatherhood is the divine fatherhood of God, and it is from this fatherhood that comes the foundation of honor owed to parents. Respect for parents (filial piety) ought to come from gratitude towards those who, by their gift of life, have brought their children into the world and enabled them to grow in stature, wisdom and grace. Filial respect is manifested by docility and obedience. “Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord” (Eph. 6:1). Filial respect extends to other brothers and sisters, as well as to teachers and anybody whom the parents have placed the child under. But as with all obedience, the duty to obey ends when the order is morally wrong or sinful, in which case there is an obligation to resist it. Though obedience ends when the child becomes an adult, strictly speaking, respect and honor are due to parents even after the children are grown. Obedience ceases with emancipation; not so respect, which is always owed.

Part of honoring mother and father is taking responsibility for caring for them in their old age, and in times of illness, loneliness or distress:

Whoever honors his father atones for sins, and whoever glorifies his mother is like one who lays up treasure. -Sirach 3:3-6,12-13

Jesus also recalls this duty in the New Testament (see Mark 7:10-12).

In the supernatural order, filial gratitude is due “to those from whom [children] have received the gift of faith, the grace of baptism, and the life of the Church” (C. C. C.  2220). This “spiritual fatherhood” ought to include parents, but can also include catechists, priests, grandparents and any other teacher of the faith. For this reason Paul calls himself a spiritual father of his disciples (see: 1 Cor. 4:15; Phil. 2:22; 1 Thess. 2:11) and priests are called “Father” in the Catholic Church

The fourth commandment also includes the duties of parents towards their children. Parental duties extend beyond mere natural sustenance to education and spiritual formation. “The right and the duty of parents to educate their children are primordial and inalienable” (FC 36). Besides

being in conformity with natural affection, parental education of children is a way that parents honor their Father in heaven, who wills that the little ones come unto Him (Matt. 19:14). The subject of parental education of children is very broad. In a nutshell, parents have the following obligations and rights with regards to the moral and spiritual formation of their children (with C. C. C.  references):

Obligations: The duty to educate their children in the virtues, teaching them sound judgment, self-mastery, respect, fidelity and disinterested service (2223).

> To teach their children to subordinate the material and instinctual to the interior and spiritual (2223).

> The grave obligation of setting a good example, lest their children be scandalized and fall away from the faith, which is a serious sin (2223; also Luke 17:1-2).

> The duty to correct and discipline their children with love and wisdom. “He who spares discipline hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him” (Prov. 13:24). (see also: Sir.30:1-2, Eph. 6:4)

> The duty to evangelize children and educate them in the faith, beginning from the earliest years (2226).

> The duty to provide for material, physical and spiritual needs (2228).

Rights:  The right to choose a school for their children that corresponds to their own convictions. This right is fundamental and ought to be guaranteed by the civil authorities (2229).

> Right of both children and adults to choose their own profession and state in life.

Though family ties are important, they are not absolute, and must be subordinated to the spiritual life, morality and pursuit of holiness. Parents and children must realize that the first vocation of the Christian is to follow Jesus, and this comes prior to family ties. Becoming a disciple of Jesus means to belong to God’s family (Matt. 12:49) and this must govern all other relationships. “He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; and he who loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of Me” (Matt. 10:37).




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