Saint Catherine Bulletin

November 19, 2017


Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

November 19, 2017

TODAYíS LITURGY: 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time


Processional Hymn: Credo # 280

Jesus shall reign


Gradual Psalm 128    Blessed are those who fear the Lord


Offertory Hymn: Credo # 593

Here I am Lord


Communion Hymn: Credo # 538

Keep in mind


Recessional Hymn: Credo # 678

Lo He Comes ( Tune: Tantum ergo)




Thanksgiving Day

Mass Thursday 9:00 am

Plan to attend Mass Thanksgiving Morning.


A Beautiful way to give Thanks to God for all He has given You.





O Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness

Sanctuary Lamp will burn this week in honor of Connor and Carly Walsh (bthdy) gift of Grandma & Grandpa.

Blessed Mother Votive Light will burn this week in memory of Jesse Walton gift of Aunt Marita & Uncle Bobby

Sacred Heart Votive Light will burn this week in honor of Mary Fatima Menges.


Banns of Christian


Second Bann: Colleen Neiman & Jesse Evans

If anyone knows of just cause why they may not be lawfully joined in Holy Matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.



Wednesday Evening Bible Study

Join us as we study Godís Holy Word.

Wednesday 7:45ó8:30 pm in Church

Father Dan leads the study in an informal and easy to follow format.

We are beginning the Book of the Maccabees a wonderful book that details the life of Israel just

before the time of Christís Birth.





Due to a Scheduling conflict with Monmouth-Ocean Blood Bank






We are compiling our schedules for December and January. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are included in these schedules; as well as New Years Eve and Day. Contact the office as soon as possible with your schedule requirements.

Anyone interested in Lectoring or serving please see Fr. Dan. Candidates must be comfortable with public speaking and be practicing Catholics without impediments in Canon law. We work around your schedule.






2017 St. Catherineís Parish Giving Tree

If you are in need of assistance this Christmas with gifts for your children, or know of a parish family who is in need, please visit or share our website and fill out our online registration form. Giving Tree registration is open until December 1, 2017. Unfortunately, we will be unable to take additional requests after this date. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Theresa @




OUR St. Vincent De Paul and Food Circus Cares

Food Town of Port Monmouth have once again started their fundraiser to benefit our Food Pantry. The fundraiser started on November 6th (this past Monday) and will continue through December 23rd. The cashiers will ask each customer upon check-out to make a donation of $1.00 or $5.00 to benefit our food pantry. At the end of the program they will issue a gift card to our pantry for the total amount collected. PLEASE HELP FOODTOWN HELP US!!. Thank you for your generosity, it is greatly appreciated.




Holy Name Atlantic City Bus Trip

January 28th watch future bulletins

for more information.








Once a month, September through June, we gather for a group recitation of and meditation on the Mysteries of the Rosary, followed by a meeting, socialization & refreshments. We extend a heartfelt invitation to all the women to come and help us pray the Rosary whenever you can. In addition, we are always looking for more women to join us as members. Why not attend our next meeting on December 6th at 7:30pm in the parish hall. Please come and see what we are all about. Thank you and hereís hoping to see you next month.














Menís Formation Program

Every Saturday Mornings 6:30 a.m.

Sign up and info this weekend. All Men of the Parish are warmly welcome to attend these great sessions. Coffee and Rolls, Bagels provided. Just come with an open heart and mind. This season presents a picture of God as Father Understanding the 3 roles of the father, the heart of the father and how God uses the father and the mind of the father enlightened by Godís grace, Plan on attending.











Consider being a part of our Parish Youth Group

All young people high School age

are invited.

Our Youth Group is a wonderful place to meet and share fellowship with other young people in the parish.

Join us on Sunday evenings at 7:00 pm in the school gym.

(use gym entrance).

We will be waiting for you. We do a lot and have a lot of fun.





In your charity please remember to pray for our parishioners and friends who have asked for our prayers: Thomas D. Murphy, Conrad Francis Baron, Vera Pietraniello, Olga Petersen, Al Petersen, M. Lee, P. Lee, Ana Oliveira, Edie Conk, Virginia Cannizzaro, Jonathan Geltzeiler, Prasuna Gourkanti, Elaine Maxcy, MaryEllen Carbone, Michael Brothers, Paul Friedman, Deborah Snyder, Theresa Marks, Sheila Buxton, Margaret Cascone, Ryan Hansen, Rachel OíBrien, Melissa Dorsa Granant, Taryn Hussey, Maureen Farrell, Rich Callahan, Robert Bonner, and for the faithful departed: .

God, our loving Father, look with kindness on our brothers and sisters who seek Your care. In Your mercy grant health to the sick; comfort to the sorrowful, peace to the troubled, joy to the weary and eternal rest to those whose work on earth is done, and all for Jesusí sake. Amen





Prayer for those serving in our military

Please remember to pray for our parishioners and friends serving this nation at home and abroad.

Suzanne Striedl, Michael Dwan, U. S. N. , General Mark Paige, U. S. M. C.

Prayer: O God who art the lover of peace and concord. Grant to these thy servants who serve this nation, grace and strength. Preserve them we pray and shield them from all danger of body and soul; and hasten the day when thy shall return to their homes and loved ones, through Christ our Lord. Amen





O Almighty God, Whose great power and eternal wisdom embraces the universe, Watch over all policemen and law enforcement officers everywhere. Protect them from harm. In the performance of their duty to stop crime, robbery, riots and violence. We pray, help them keep our streets and homes safe, day and night. We commend them to your loving care because their duty is dangerous. Grant them strength and courage in their daily assignments. Dear God, protect these brave men and women. Grant them your almighty protection. Unite them safely with their families after duty has ended. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. St. Michael the Archangel, Patron of police, pray for them.

Remember all these Intentions, as we offer our daily prayers.




These parables are like the former parable of the faithful servant, and of him that was ungrateful and devoured his Lord's goods. For there are four in all, in different ways admonishing us about the same things, I mean about diligence in almsgiving, and about helping our neighbor by all means which we are able to use, since it is not possible to be saved in another way. But there He speaks more generally of all assistance which should he rendered to one's neighbor; but as to the virgins, he speaketh particularly of mercifulness in alms, and more strongly than in the former parable. For there He punishes him that beats, and is drunken, and scatters and wastes his lord's goods, but here even him that doth not help, nor spends abundantly his goods upon the needy. For they had oil indeed, but not in abundance, wherefore also they are punished.

But wherefore doth He set forth this parable in the person of the virgins, and doth not merely suppose any person whatever? Great things had He spoken of virginity, saying, "There are eunuchs, who have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of Heaven's sake;" and, "He that is able to receive, let him receive it. "He knew also that the generality of men would have a great opinion of it. For indeed the work is by nature great, and is shown so by this, that neither under the old dispensation was it fulfilled by these ancient and holy men, nor under the new was it brought under the compulsion of the law. For He did not command this, but left it to the choice of his hearers.

Wherefore Paul also said "Now, concerning virgins I have no commandment of the Lord." "For though I praise him that attains thereto, yet I constrain not him that is not willing, neither do I make the thing an injunction." Since then the thing is both great in itself and hath great honor with the multitude, lest any one attaining to this should feel as though he had attained to all, and should be careless about the rest, He putteth forth this parable sufficient to persuade them, that virginity, though it should have everything else, if destitute of the good things arising out of almsgiving, is cast out with the harlots, and He sets the inhuman and merciless with them.

And most reasonably, for the one was overcome by the love of carnal pleasure, but these of money. But the Jove of carnal pleasure and of money are not equal, but that of carnal pleasure is far keener and more tyrannical. And the weaker the antagonist, the less excusable are

those that are overcome thereby. Therefore also He calls them foolish, for that having undergone the greater labor, they have betrayed all for want of the less. But by lamps here, He meaneth the gift itself of virginity, the purity of holiness; and by oil, humanity, almsgiving, succor to them that are in need.

"Then, while the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept." He shows that the time intervening will not be short, leading His disciples away from the expectation that His kingdom was quite immediately to appear. For this indeed they hoped, therefore He is continually holding them back from this hope. And at the same time He intimates this too, that death is a sleep. For they slept, He saith.

"And about midnight there was a cry made." Either He was continuing the parable, or again He shows that the resurrection will be at night. But the cry Paul also indicates, saying, "With a shout, with a voice of an archangel, with the last trump, He shall come down from Heaven." And what mean the trumpets, and what saith the cry? "The bridegroom cometh." When therefore they had trimmed their lamps, the foolish say unto the wise, "Give us of your oil."

Again He calls them foolish, showing that nothing can be more foolish than they who are wealthy here, and depart naked thither, where most of all we have need of humanity, where we want much oil. But not in this respect only were they foolish, but also because they looked to receive it there, and sought it out of season; and yet nothing could be more humane than those virgins, who for this especially were approved.

Neither do they seek for it all, for, "Give us," they say, "of your oil;" and the urgency of their need is indicated; "for our lamps," they say, "are going out." But even so they failed, and neither the humanity of those whom they asked, nor the easiness of their request, nor their necessity and want, made them obtain.

But what now do we learn from hence? That no man can protect us there, if we are betrayed by our works, not because he will not, but because he cannot. For these too take refuge in the impossibility. This the blessed Abraham also indicated, saying, "Between us and you there is a great "gulf," so that not even when willing is it permitted them to pass it.

"But go to them that sell, and buy." And who are they that sell? The poor. And where are these? Here, and then should they have sought them, not at that time.

Seest thou what great profit arises to us from the poor? shouldest thou take them away, thou wouldest take away the great hope of our salvation. Wherefore here must we get together the oil, that it may be useful to us there, when the time calls us. For that is not the time of collecting it, but this. Spend not then your goods for naught in luxury and vainglory. For thou wilt have need of much oil there.

Having heard these things, those virgins went their way; but they profited nothing. And this He saith, either pursuing the parable, and working it up; or also by these things showing, that though we should become humane after our departure, we shall gain nothing from thence towards our escape.

Therefore neither did their forwardness avail these virgins, because they went to them that sell not here, but there; nor the rich man, when he became so charitable, as even to be anxious about his relations. For he that was passing by him that was laid at the gate, is eager to rescue from perils and from hell them whom he did not so much as see, and entreats that some be sent to tell them these things. But nevertheless, he derived no benefit from thence, as neither did these virgins. For when they having heard these things went their way, the bridegroom came, and they that were ready went in with Him, but the others were shut out. After their many labors, after their innumerable toils, and that intolerable fight, and those trophies which they had set up over the madness of natural appetite, disgraced, and with their lamps gone out, they withdrew, bending down their faces to the earth. For nothing is more sullied than virginity not having mercy; so that even the multitude are wont to call the unmerciful dark.

Where then was the profit of virginity, when they saw not the bridegroom? and not even when they had knocked did they obtain, but they heard that fearful saying, "Depart, I know you not. "And when He hath said this, nothing else but hell is left, and that intolerable punishment; or rather, this word is more grievous even than hell. This word He speaks to them also that work iniquity?

"Watch therefore, for ye know not the day nor the hour." Seest thou how continually He adds this, showing how awful our ignorance concerning our departure hence? Where now are they, who throughout all their life are remiss, but when they are blamed by us, are saying, At the time of my death, I shall leave money to the poor. Let them listen to these words, and be amended. For indeed at that time many have failed of this, having been snatched away at once, and not permitted so much as to give charge to their relations touching what they wished to be done.
This parable was spoken with respect to mercy in alms; but the one that comes after this, to them that neither in money, nor in word, nor in protection, nor in any other things whatever, are willing to assist their neighbors, but withhold all.

And wherefore can it be that this parable brings forward a king, but that a bridegroom? That thou mightest learn how close Christ is joined unto the virgins that strip themselves of their possessions; for this indeed is virginity. Wherefore Paul also makes this as a definition of the thing. "The unmarried woman careth for the things of the Lord;" such are his words: and, "For that which is comely, and that ye may attend upon the Lord without distraction. These things we advise," he saith.



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