Monday, August 21st St. Pius X/ O.L. Knock

8:00am Henry Greig (bthdy) by Family

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament all day.

12:00noon Joan Cismowski by Ernie Cismowski

7:00pm Diane Caso by Sister in Law Margaret & Fam


Tuesday, August 22nd Queenship of the BVM

8:00am Mary & Walter Kohl by Lisa & Chris Kohl


Wednesday, August 23rd St. Rose of Lima

8:00am Rick Stegeland (bthdy) by Richard & Kathy Trivett

7:00pm St. Joseph Novena


Thursday, August 24th St. Bartholomew

8:00am Patricia Dickinson by Family



Friday, August 25th St. Louis of France

8:00am Thomas Idyk by Wife & Family

12:00noon Philomena Nappi by Great Grandson



Saturday, August 26th BVM

8:00am Daniel Vowell Cooper Family



Twenty First Sunday in Ordinary Time (vigil)

5:00pm Daniel Reagan by sister, Alyce Reagan

6:30pm Beverly Lessard by Bill & Louise Carver

            Domenica Spalliero by Kathy LoTorto

            Joseph Lipka (35th anniv.) by Family

            Charles Lisa by Friends

            Joyce Mount by Elisabeth Maida

            Marie Nef by Family

            Kevin Kane by Joe & Denise Kane



Sunday, August 27th Twenty First Sunday in Ordinary Time

7:30am Dorothy Oches (wed aniv.) by Harold Oches

9:00am Liv. Int. Bernard & Mary Champon   by Donna Lee

 10:30am Ellen & Bernard Comey by Comey Children

 12:00noon Pro Populo