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January 21, 2018












My Dear Parishioners:

Jesus said to them, “Come after me. And I will make you fishers of men.” Any successful venture or business or corporation always begins with the most bright and talented people. Many people who go to an interview are asked, “What makes you think that you are capable for this position?” The Greatest Venture of the World, was the establishment of the Church of Jesus Christ, His Mystical Body, that would speak and act in His name until the end of time. The task would be the most important and urgent in history, the Church that would be responsible to bring the saving message of salvation to the ends of the earth. Who would be ‘up’ for such a challenge? The brightest and the best educated of the first century? those of noble birth and good family connections? No, the ones called in today’s Gospel were simple fishermen, who seemingly had little or nothing to offer. The beauty of the Gospel call is that the most unlikely people you could imagine were the ones chosen to begin the work, and to be Our Lord’s closet collaborators in ministry. Our Lord dose this to show that it is not by our power or ability that souls will come into His Kingdom, but by His Grace. Not one of us can say ‘we are not fit, prepared or educated enough to do God’s work.’ God calls all of us regardless of our talents and abilities to do His work. How is the Lord calling you, and giving you opportunities this week to be Fisher of Men? All that is needed is a willing heart, to leave our comfort zone and follow Him. The one thing all the Apostles and Disciples had to do was get up and get going. Keep an eye out this week for the Lord who will call you to do something beautiful for Him, this may be a word of comfort or challenge to someone, or an action of kindness. Let’s also pray for vocations to the Sacred Priesthood. May young men from this parish respond to the Masters Call to be a Fisher of men. Jonah in the first reading was the reluctant preacher, but God used him to call a nation to repentance. 



God bless you all,

your friend and Pastor,

Fr. Dan Hesko.







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