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January 13, 2019













My Dear Parishioners:

In this month of January we recognize many things, a long winter month, cold and sometime snowy, but with a glimpse of hope. The days are starting to get longer, which is a sign of the circle of life. We easily recognize these ‘signs’ in nature. In the spiritual life, we are called to ‘Epiphanies’, eye opening events that help us focus on Christ who sanctifies our lives. This month of January is also the beginning of the calendar year. It’s also the time called Epiphany - tide. Today we hear about St. John the Baptist. John’s Baptism was above everything else is a sign of repentance. By being Baptized at the Jordan one acknowledged themselves as a sinner, who needed to turn to God. John is puzzled that Jesus should present himself for this Baptism. Our Blessed Lord had no need to repent of any sin. Yet Jesus is Baptized by John, in doing so he identifies himself with sinful humanity. He, the sinless one unites himself to sinful humanity. John has an epiphany, his eyes are opened to recognize the truth. In an eye opening moment to see Christ for who he truly is, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world.

You and I each day are reminded by the simple action of making the Sign of the Cross that we had been Baptized in Christ Jesus. Our Baptism which happened in a moment in time is the great event that made us children of God and heirs to eternal salvation. We have been redeemed and sanctified in these holy waters. Like the Magi last week, having come to faith, God is able to speak to us. The beauty of the Magi is that they listened for God and they were not disappointed. May each of us who have redeemed in these waters of Baptism also listen for God as He reveals Himself in wonderful epiphanies each day. John had his eyes opened doing the everyday work that God called him to do. We too are called to do everyday work, and like John may our eyes be opened that we might see Christ the Lord in the everyday events and people of our lives. Like John we too are called to point others to Christ by our words and deeds, to show Jesus, the Lamb of God.

The Liturgical cycle calls us to journey with Christ, in just a short time, March 6 we will come to Church to accept the ashes, calling us to renewed faith.

I wish once again to take the opportunity to thank everyone who worked so very hard to make our Christmas season at Saint Catherine’s such a beautiful event. Decorating, liturgical rolls, our food pantry and thrift shop, our young people who did such splendid job this year. It took many hands and many hours to make these things happen. I also wish to thank all of our parishioners for your generous gifts to the parish at Christmas time. May God bless us all as we continue in this epiphany season, as well as this new year.

God bless you all,

your friend and Pastor,

Fr. Dan Hesko


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