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June 25, 2017















My Dear Parishioners:

With the closing of school, summer really seems to be here. Two weeks ago we observed the Ember Days which is the Church’s reckoning going from spring into summer. But there is something about school closing that really hits home, that summer’s here. Most of you know doubt are beginning to plan summer holiday. But please remember that there is no holiday from Church. Wherever you go check the computer for Mass times which you can reach at to find the location and the time for Mass anywhere in the United States. Please bring me a bulletin back from the church where you went as I always enjoy it. Summertime though very relaxed is chock full of holy days and commemorations. We begin on July 1 The Precious Blood of Jesus, This feast comes just before the 4th of July. As we celebrate our national independence and freedom from tyranny we also commemorate our spiritual liberation and freedom from the greatest enemy, which is sin and death, Just as our national independence was won by blood shed in war, so our spiritual independence was won by a great battle which took place on Mount Calvary, where the devil was defeated by the Blood of Jesus. July is also the month we commemorate the Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and Grandmother of our blessed Lord;  St. Anne. As always we will a have nine-day novena in honor of St. Anne in the morning Mass. Then of course as we enter into August we prepare for the BIG Novena in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The whole summer for me has two beautiful bookends. June 24, Saturday, the Feast of the Birth of St. John the Baptist. The Church only celebrates three birthdays. Our blessed Lord, the Virgin Mary, and St. John the Baptist. It’s a big one as he is the final prophet who points to Jesus Christ. The other feast of John the Baptist is August 29, which is the beheading, or the Passion of St. John the Baptist. When I was young growing up in Philadelphia we had a community pool. None of us kids were allowed in the water until June 24. It was a penance as the pool was open on Memorial day weekend.  After the morning mass on the 24th our pastor would come with holy water and salt and bless the pool and the water, the lifeguard would blow the whistle and all the kids would jump in, it really was the beginning of summer. The final time we were allowed in the water was August 29. So we began with the Baptist and finished with the Baptist. Once again a penance, as the pool was opened for another week and a half until school started. This summer take an opportunity to visit a spiritual place. I will post some of them that are within driving distance in the summer bulletins. Also a word about air conditioning in church, we can never make everyone happy, some will be cold some will be hot, but overall everyone should be ‘comfortable’, which really is what air-conditioning is about. Also please remember Adoration on Mondays through the month of July and August. If you have signed up please make sure you show up as the Church cannot be without a worshiper before the Blessed Sacrament. We also are in need of altar servers, this is a wonderful opportunity for young people to take some responsibility as well as ownership of their parish. Just talk to me after Mass.

God bless you all,

your friend and Pastor;

Fr. Dan.



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