Marriage is a sacrament whereby through your wedding vows, you will make known the loving presence of God as He has revealed through Christ and His Church. During the planning process you should be concentrating on the unity you will be bringing into your lives, your commitment, and the blending of two people into one.

Your wedding liturgy is the most important part of the day as it truly when two become one. Your priest will help you to see the sacramental nature of this day. Your wedding liturgy communicates what you believe. What you do in the liturgy demonstrates this. So, speak your vows loudly and clearly, respond to the prayers and the songs. Your attention to each other and the sacrament is more precious than posing for photos.

Marriage arrangements should be made at least nine months prior to the wedding ceremony. For additional details or to discuss your individual needs please call the rectory during regular office hours at 732-787-1318.