Prayer for Vocations

Lord of the Harvest, we petition you as you have instructed us, to ask for more laborers to serve in the vineyard of Your Church. You have told us that the harvest is rich and laborers are few and we experience this great need in the face of the challenge of the New Evangelization. We ask the Holy Spirit to inspire young men to seriously consider a vocation to the priesthood. Help all of us to be effective instruments to encourage and support those whom you are calling to serve and lead the Church in the future. Lord, you told the Apostles to put out into the deep. We ask for the grace and courage to accept your call as we pray and work for an increase in vocations to the priesthood. We ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Great High Priest. Amen.
                                                        Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio
The Following Vocation Information is taken from the Diocese of Trenton Website

God calls each person to a life of holiness and service, whether single, married, ordained or consecrated. The Diocesan Ministry of Vocations provides discernment opportunities, encouragement, support, education and resources for those responding to God’s call through the ministerial priesthood.

We are committed to fostering an environment where vocations to the priesthood, consecrated life, the diaconate, and to committed vocations of the laity, whether to single life or married life, are valued and nurtured within the domestic church of the family and the local parish community.

God made you for a unique purpose.  Even before you were born, He knew your vocation, your mission in life.  And if you are a faithful Catholic man, God may be calling you for a higher purpose -- to become a Catholic Priest.

Priests have a critical mission:  to bring people to Jesus and Jesus to people.  They are spiritual fathers to thousands of Catholics.  They preach the Gospel and offer the sacrifice of the Mass.  In short, priests are living witnesses of Christ in the world -- men of strong character who stand out in our secular culture.

If you are presently discering, or think you are ready to enter into a discernment process, the following steps will be helpful:
Pray Daily
To discern your vocation, be faithful to daily prayer. Try to attend daily mass if possible.

Read Scripture
Prayerfully reading Scriputre can spark a profound converstaion between you and the Lord. Try Matthew 19:16-30, John 1:35-51 and Luke 14:25-33

Seek Counsel
Find a priest you trust and can talk to him about your spiritual life and your attraction to the vocation of the priesthood.

Pray for Courage
Considering a celebate life is difficult because our nature draws us toward family life. Give your concern about celibacy to the Lord. With God's help, your discernment will be much more peaceful.

Make a move
When the time comes, you must make a prayerful decision. If the Lord is calling you to the priesthood, do not delay! Trust in his love for you - then act!