That Man Is You (TMIY)


That Man is You (TMIY) is held every Saturday in the school building.Breakfast starts 6:30am and we will make sure to have youout by 8:00am.

Right now, our parish is running a men’s program that is spreading around the world and is truly changing men and their families. This program is the That Man Is You! Program
and we want to personally invite all adult men to be a part of it. We had an amazing experience last year and those that completed the program have truly been impacted. We know personally, that so much has been learned about what it is to be a better husband and father. We want to invite all of the men of the parish to join us on this new year of TMIY unlike any other. It is different than all of their other programs and is made up of 9
different speakers.

If you have never attended at all, or simply came to a couple of meetings, you can jump into this new content without any issue. In joining us this Fall, you will be one of over 25,000 men going through the TMIY program this year across the country. You will be joining a band of brothers that will support you on your journey. It is a powerful thing when you gather with a group of other men striving to do right by God and their families. I know life is busy, but we just ask that you give the program a try.