Synod Information


Synod Information

Pope Francis calls us to understand that the Holy Spirit speaks to our Catholic Church through all of its members. In this Synod work, we are called to share our thoughts, dreams, struggles, confusion, and wisdom as we journey together in Faith. The voices of all members of the church (young and old) are critically important to Jesus' work in the world.

The intention of the Synod, as Pope Francis states, is to "inspire people to dream about the church we are called to be, to make hope flourish, stimulate trust, bind up wounds, build bridges, enlighten minds, warm hearts and restore strength to our hands." Through our conversation, we participate in the discernment of the will of the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual conversations are designed for listening. They are not the place for debating, clarifying, arguing or defining Church teachings and doctrine.

Listening Sessions/Synod Questionnaire
To include as many people as possible, St. Catherine's is hosting multiple small group "listening sessions". If you would like to participate in a Synodal conversation with a small group listening session please contact Theresa via text or call 732-419-8298.

Listening Sessions (approximately 30-45 mins to be held in the parish hall):
Saturday February 26, 2022, 7:15pm
Sunday February 27, 2022, 11:30am

Online Questionnaire
If you prefer to share individually, you may reply to the online questionnaire below.

Additionaly information can be found on the Diocese of Trenton Website
Diocese Synod Website